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Hello to everyone who has been swindled by Amazon Travel Club, Thomas Meehan, "Dwayne Nicely", and any other people involved with this company including the staff at Amazon who can never seem to get a hold of Mr. Meehan or process your cancellation.

I just received my dispute documentation from my credit card company asking for proof that I had tried to cancel my trip with Amazon Travel Club within the allotted time frame.

My credit card company asks for a lot of other documentation as well and they attached what Mr. Meehan sent to them which is a copy of the wonderful vacation that I'm supposed to take and a letter from him stating that he can also supply them with the tapes of my conversation with Dwayne.

I wish I could tell Mr. Meehan that he can take those tapes and shove them. I don't care about those tapes. He can play those tapes to the world including my mother.

The deal here is that I do not want to go on this trip and I want my money back. What is so wrong about that? I've tried to cancel many times and Mr. Meehan never returns my calls.

But here's the deal: this is what they do. They are the ones who are able to supply credit card companies with all sorts of documents but the pissed off consumer has nothing except his/her anger and disdain.

My question to you all is, why have we not started a class action lawsuit against this company? I am going to start this lawsuit and in fact, I have my first appointment this Thursday. Let me know if you support this.

Here are the requirements for a class action lawsuit. Can you say, "check, check, check, double-check" ???

Numerosity - adequate number of plaintiffs

Commonality - common damages and legal issues

Typicality - each class member's claim must come from the same event, and must make the same legal argument

Adequacy of Representation - the representative plaintiff will adequately protect and represent the interest of the class

Viability of Defendant - although it is not a requirement of the court, it is reasonable to assume that if the accused does not have the means to compensate for the alleged damages and legal costs, it would be difficult to entice a law firm to represent the class.

Goodnight and God Bless... I am so angry that I can't even sleep.

Monetary Loss: $498.

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BION I'm imprseesd! Cool post!


I too have been scammed and I completely agree, this does qualify for a class action lawsuit and I am fully willing to participate, and help further this idea. These people must be stopped and pay for what they have done to the consumers.

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