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I got a phone call from a daytona number saying i was won the grand prize of the trip to all these places and cruise and arabian nights dinner show etc.i did enter my name at the edmonton snowboard show along with a whole bunch of other contest.

i could hear another person in the background telling someone else about their 'won trip'. they transferred me to verify my info, everything sounded good until they asked for my credit card. $249 for me + $249 for my 1st guest and my 3rd and 4th guest were free. guy tried to reassure me they can't charge me without my consent, that they've been in the business for 15 years, that they're not a scam, that the show i went to wouldn't allow scam businesses to operate there, etc.

but my question is, if i won the grand prize, why would i have to pay up front and why can't i get a summary package sent to me first before getting my credit card number authorization?? what a scam. don't trust it. my boyfriend was smart to tell me to say no.

wasted 20 minutes of air time on my phone..pfffttt.

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This makes everything so copmeltely painless.


I don't know how you passed "law school" if your writing is so poor.

You obviously work for the company. I tried to look you up online to see what firm you belong to and surprise, surprise the only hits I got for your name pertained to other Amazon E Travel/Amazon Travel Club complaint pages over the internet.


Im an Attorney, I deal with hundreds of fraud investigations a year.There is this one thing that you people don't know they have a merchant account and a law suit will be put on The Amazon Travel Club and they will lose their murchant account if they do not state all the details or chare you a few pennys over.

They need to tell you how they got your number, why they are calling, and before you hang up they ask you a number of questions so they know that if they sell you the package you meet thier requirments and will not cancel at the end. They also get you to agree to being at thier sponsored event and you state that you filled out their entry form. From the sound of it you people sound upset but you must read the fine print like, 2nd grade where they taught you to always read everything through and go over the directions before you fill out your homework or anything like that. So their is a number or requiremtns that they get you to agree to and THEY RECORD EVERYTHING!!!!!!

for their secerity perpuses. So when we the attorneys take them to jail and court and shut down thier company they will turn around and get us so bad with a lawsuit because we didnt investigate enough, but they record so they can use those recordings in the state of Florda courts and not only emberrasing to us but yourselves because its your voice and your stating everything that they need you to. You are the one who filled out the entry forn for a special offer to the Florida,...

THEY ARE NOT DOING ANYTHING WRONG BECAUSE THEY DO NOT GET YOUR NAMES OUT OF THE PHONE BOOK! YOU WERE AT AN EVENT THAT THEY SPONSORED AND YOU ARE THE ONE WHO FILLED OUT THE ENTRY PAPER AND DID NOT READ THE DETAILS OR THE FINE PRINT. you can take it to a number of levels but I just wrote this becasue Im a fraud attorney in Tampa, Fl and my daughter recieved a call and called me and said "Daddy find out if this is a cram I want to go to florida and see you also I need a cruise vacation!!" So I did and they are record everything for secerity purposes and I told my daughter TAKE IT if you want it.

8) I just think that you people these day think everything is free nothing will never be free unless it comes from an acual owner of friend but nothing ever gets handed over for free from a company or sponsor so think twice before you go to a to an attorney and make you look like the bad guy.They wont do anything to risk thier merchant account for 4 hundred and somehting dollars.

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